Journey into the Tear

[Ester] Entry Log #504
Great Forest Kobold Mission: Day 3

After waiting for the others to have a discussion with the elves, the dragonborn and I entered the kobold village to recon on the disease and calm the kobolds down. While we were in the village, one of the radical elves attempted to assassinate the kobold village chief (Grizelda) via arrow. Luckily, the dragonborn stopped the shot. I tracked him down and captured him. Hesistating on what to do with him, I sent the dragonborn to warn my comrades of the situation. Now, I am on standby with a prisoner writing my guide to basic magic for that hopeless kobold “magic” student (Grizelda)…any more of those ridiculous magical theories, and I’ll start getting into arguments with her, and that won’t end very well.

Guarded the new prisoner towards the edge of the kobold village to prevent the situation from getting more out of hand, but the kobold warrior(Veska) had noticed us, and I had to convince her from both executing the prisoner on the spot and from immediately marching her army onto the elven village. In exchange, I had to let her take the prisoner to the elves and demand an explanation. I escorted them to prevent her from taking any reckless actions.

we entered the elven village after a couple hours without troubles. The guards were surprised to see one of their own bound as a prisoner, but they let us speak directly with the village elder. Presented the prisoner to the elder, and he seemed as confused at this development as we were. However, he did allow us downstairs to see the great forest heart to see if we could gain more intel from it. I did see that my comrades weren’t slacking, as they were already down there. I remained near Veska in case she got reckless and decided to follow through with her decision to kill the heart. I tried approaching the heart, but when I got close, it would attempt to attack me. Veska was able to approach the heart without retribution though, so we decided that she could possibly communicate directly with the heart and stop the plague on the village, and let talk to the heart. At that moment, an intense magical aura stunned all of us, and the next thing I knew, there was a battle with rebel elves.

The elder’s daughter was the leader of the rebels, and she shifted into a panther and headed straight for Veska. Luckily, the dwarf managed to flank her and force her into a battle with him. As I was unsure of whether the heart would protect Veska from arrows, I was stuck in a position of standby as I watched the battles unfold. I managed to snap the elder out of his magical trance so he could force his daughter to stand down. The hope was misplaced, as the daughter had blinded with her ideals. In the chaos, I didn’t notice Dayne being frozen in fear at the chaos. I called to him too late as an enemy sliced into his back. Trusting that the heart would protect Veska, I rushed to Dayne and performed emergency healing; I wasn’t letting another civilian die under my watch. I ended up in a tactical disadvantage, and the enemy was slowly breaking my shield with his great sword. Dayne managed to mix something into what I believed was an explosive, told me to run, and bolted off a good 80 paces. My shock at the explosion radius broke my concentration, and the enemy finally managed a hit on my back. In hindsight, I could have used magic to shield myself from that attack, but that will be another lesson learned in the form of a battle scar. The dwarf rushed us away from the explosive concoction, and the world was set on fire. At that time, it seemed strangely familiar to that dark day. Luckily, none of the fatalities this time were on our side: only 2 of the unconscious enemies had been within range of the explosion to die instantly.

Woke up to a strange half-elf medic who brought me back into a workable condition. The rebels had retreated, and we had victory on our hands. Dayne seemed all right. Veska was still entranced with the heart, and when we woke her up, she seemed almost ready to use the heart’s power obliterate the entire elf population. After barely convincing her that killing everyone in the village for the sake of revenge of the few rebels was a dangerous decision what would turn her into a monster, we managed to get her to back down and negotiate a peace.

To prevent the Kobolds from marching onto the village due to Veska’s dead-man switch orders, we rushed back to them. They were a very poorly armed militia, would have done no harm, and would have been slaughtered on the spot by these elves if the elves actually wanted to fight. The leaders had peace talks, and we resolved the situation successfully after a few hours. Afterwards, I gave that kobold student my magic guide to shut her up about these ridiculous magic lightning rock ideas, and hoped that she would one day channel her curiosity to being an actual magic adept. Gave into my own curiosity and asked Dayne for some samples of the explosive vials. Still very hesistant to keep such explosives on my person, but their utility cannot be questioned. It seems like these are only activated by mixing 2 of the ingredients together, so at the very least, a stray firebolt won’t kill all of us. Will examine these vials and transfer them to a sturdier container for peace of mind at the next chance I have.

Currently camping inside of what appears to be the inside of a guardian’s house. crypto.png
There wasn’t anything special inside, but it sure is making a good rest spot right now.

[Esther] Journey Log Entry#500
Magundi MIssion: Day 1

Entered Magundi at early morning. Decided to find another source of income, as rations were running low. Thankfully, found a flyer enlisting explorers into the void. It seemed interesting, and I thought it was within my abilities. That was a mistake…
The one who organized that mission was a captain who seemed competent. Couldn’t say the same for some of my supposed comrades…
Dwarf looked competent; seemed to carry himself in the way of a soldier.
Elf looked like a rookie, which I should have taken more notice of in hindsight…
No opinion on the dragonborn.
Other human was definitely a rookie, and I wasn’t sure of how to handle him.
Half-orc seemed dangerous, as all orcs do, and I had to reminding myself that she was a comrade.

We went though the portal, and the other human (Dagon) was cowering in fear…Why enlist if he wasn’t prepared or trained for this?
The half orc rushed forward, but I assumed she knew what she was doing.
On proceeding forward into the building, I got fed up with it and temporarily lost my temper on him, which was a big mistake.
Dagon went from overly cautious to excessively recklist, and the whole mission went to hell.
Dagon rushed forward without backup, and I tried to run after him.
Then I stepped on a trap. Because time was of the essence, I left the rest up to my comrades.
I couldn’t figure out what kind of trap it was, or even the amount of pressure required to keep it stable,
so I tried running backwards to avoid any traps planned to catch me running forwards.
However, it triggered a door to close the entrance,so I had to double back into the entrance. What a waste of energy and a perfectly good dagger…

When I got there, Dagon had been stabbed by a random stake trap of very old magic, and I feared the worst.
We got him off the trap and healed him.

Then, we continued onwards to the other side. We saw 4 or so heavily armed guards, and we definitely were not in a position to fight them.
The dwarf and I tried to determine their motive and got closer to start a discussion.
However, the idiot rookie elf was too bloodthirsty and shot an arrow at them the moment one of them stepped slightly closer.
As such, I was completely out of position and would have been a dead man if not for the dwarf.
The battle ensued, and as if the elf couldn’t make things any worse, she shot the dwarf in the back…
She is really not helping her case that elves are as bloodthirsty as their natural orc enemies…
That single action had me distracted, and the enemy cut me up badly.

Thankfully, the bloodthirsty elf fixed her mistakes by “cleaning up” the mess she caused, although we really could have avoided killing all those
guards in the first place…
Then, the real chaos started. Probably because of the trap, Dagon now seemed possessed by a Ghast. And then he summoned an army.
I wasn’t not sure if he’s dead or alive underneath that possession, but we were really not in a position to fight at that moment.
I cast fireball as a distraction for us to escape (things blowing up this time might have been beneficial this time around), but it did nothing.
The dragonborn didn’t notice the predicament we were in and looked ready to make a stand. Thankfully, the dwarf got her running too.
The half-orc came in and said she could handle this, so I trusted that she knew how to fight these guys better than the rest of us combined.
I decided to continue the retreat, as any attempts of fighting back now might lead in additional casualties.
We somehow made it back, with only the half-orc and Dagon presumably dead.


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